Revisiting the Five and Dime of My Childhood

The dreams of the night sometimes bring us such surprising moments. I was recently treated to a special visit from my past, the Five and Dime Store of my childhood. It was the day of my son’s wedding. It was my second COVID wedding of a child that year; nothing simple about that. I was filled with so many emotions to see another one of my “babies” all grown up and ready to commit himself to a life-long soulmate.

I am in Chicago on Morse Avenue, where I grew up. I see stores, but I seem to be searching for a very specific one. I don’t recognize some of them. I then see one that is off in the distance and head to it. It is the five and dime store of my childhood. I enter this treasure house of interesting items. When I am inside, a young guy shows me something posted on the wall about a study. The guy has been involved in it and explains it to me.
Eugene Field Elementary School

There was a trick to licking a cone on a warm Chicago night; slow enough to enjoy the moment, but fast enough to catch the drips from the melting delicacy.

Charles Variety Winnetka, IL

Our dreams are powerful. They remind us that the transformative moments of our lives remain deep inside to comfort and delight us.

Robin B. Zeiger is a practicing Jungian psychoanalyst and a free-lance writer.

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