The Power of Lighthouses: Amanda Gorman & Me

We have never met

& yet we have still lost sight of each other,

Two lighthouses quavering in the fog.

We could not hold ourselves.

The images both beautiful and horrific, come alive and touch my senses and imagination. Suddenly we meet a necessary space and body for the almost wordless experiences of a world pandemic, climate destruction, the pain of the disenfranchised, and of politics gone awry. When our feelings and experiences are reflected for us, we can suddenly see and be seen, breathing a sigh of relief that we are not alone.

We are part of a world-wide community.

We are ships passing in the night.

This year was no year….

The empty, creaking playgrounds,

Bodies laid straight as celery stalks.

Hope is no silent harbor, no haven still.

It’s the roaring thing that tugs us away

From the very shores we clutch.

And in her very last stanza she reminds us:

Though we have never met,

We have sensed the other all along…

No human is a stranger to us.

As my 3 ½ year old granddaughter says, “We can sit eyes to eyes.”

Robin B. Zeiger is a practicing Jungian psychoanalyst and a free-lance writer.



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